Destroy School Simulator v4.98 (Mod Apk)

Destroy School Simulator

Destroy School Simulator v4.98 (Mod Apk)

“Stress builds up. I want to relieve stress! I want to destroy something!”
Everyone wants to relieve stress, right?
But I don’t want to bother people when I relieve stress.
There must be a lot of people who don’t know how to relieve stress…
Stress relief is important in life.
Break School Simulator is the ultimate stress relief game for those who want to relieve stress by destroying a school.
If you have ever broken something, you know that breaking things can relieve stress.
Break the desk! break the chair! Break the classroom! Anyway, you can break it and release stress!
Destroy the school without a second thought and release your stress!
Come on, break the school, break it, break it!

■ Game content
This game is a school destruction and exhilarating stress release game that can relieve stress.
Destroying things helps relieve stress, but you can’t destroy them in the real world.
But I want to break something and release stress.
In this game, you can relieve stress by destroying everything.
There is a high degree of freedom, and there are many things that can be destroyed, so you can continue to destroy the school without getting bored.
Strengthening your weapons will increase the number of things you can destroy, which will increase your exhilaration and relieve stress!
The break school simulator has a lot of functions that can relieve such stress.
It’s a stress release game made to relieve stress!
Let’s break and break and break the school without worrying!

■People who want to use
・ People who want to relieve stress
・Those who do not know how to relieve stress
・ People who want to relieve stress without bothering others
・ People who like stress relief games
・ A person who wanted to destroy the school from a long time ago
・ A person who wants to destroy something
・People who have never broken things
・ People who want to feel refreshed

■ How to play (how to relieve stress)
It’s just “destroy the school anyway and relieve stress”.
Some of them can’t be destroyed, so upgrade your weapons!
Stress can be relieved by breaking things that cannot be broken in the real world.
The more difficult it is to break, the more stress you can release when you break it!
Let’s play and relieve stress.

[Create a school freely and relieve stress]
You can build schools for yourself to destroy.
When you destroy it, let’s make it while thinking about what stress can be relieved the most.
For those who like to make things, I think they can relieve stress just by making a school.
The feeling of exhilaration when destroying the school you made is especially great.
You can also help other people relieve stress by sharing your school with the world!

■ Impressions of users
・I’ve been waiting for this stress-relieving game!
・I was able to relieve stress in a short time!
・ A good game to relieve stress!
・Recently, I haven’t been able to release stress, so I was able to release stress after a long time!

■Reason why it is chosen for stress relief
・The reality of destroying a school is so real that you can really feel the feeling of destroying it and relieve stress.
・When stress builds up, you can quickly relieve stress

■Relief of stress
[①Because it is set in a school that everyone has experienced! ]
It is important to get into the game in order to destroy things and relieve stress.
Because it is set in a school, you can get into the world view and feel like you are really destroying things, and you can relieve stress!

[② Because the impact and sound of breaking glass and desks are amazing! ]
Destroying things to release stress A sense of presence is important to relieve stress.
In this game, the impact and sounds when breaking things are quite realistic.
For example, when the glass is broken, shards of glass scatter and the realistic sound of broken glass reverberates.
You can enjoy the feeling of actually breaking it, which will help relieve stress!Destroy School Simulator
Destroy School Simulator
Destroy School Simulator

Mod features:
Get rewards without watching ads, a lot of currency.


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