Kamurai Tribe v4.8.3 (Mod Apk)

Kamurai Tribe

Kamurai Tribe v4.8.3 (Mod Apk)

Raise your best characters and embark on a grand adventure journey!

The fortune ball is up to you!
Depending on the training method and friends,
Earn completely different abilities and skills!

Plus! A stronger bond with each character will activate the boost!
Become the original Trainer,
Customize your training and level up!

▼ Best game for:
・Like RPG
• Play popular royal road RPGs
-Play popular online games well
・Are looking for a game for cooperative play with friends
・Are looking for popular royal games and god games
-Are looking for an easy control game
・Like guild and battles
・Like boy cartoons
・Like heroes, squadrons, action
・Like fighting with dragons, dragons
-Samurai, Ninja, Onmoji, Shikijin, Sword, Katana and more are waiting for you,
We are looking for Japanese style game God Game
-Don’t want to forget the boy’s heart
・Want to play a god game
・Like cat ears, fox ears, and beast characters
・Like summons
・Like Japanese adventure games

[How to Play Camlight Live (Online RPG)]

▼ Train
Develop your character gained in Gacha in train mode!

With the seven main characters
Become the master of development!

It’s up to you to improve your abilities!
Depending on the training method and friends,
Earn completely different abilities and skills!
Jump up your skills while killing sinister injuries!

▼ Quest
An epic adventure across the eight countries!

Create a party with your developed characters,
Adventure through the eight countries!
Feel the tension battle with the huge bosses!
With the seven main characters,
Get rid of the creepy injuries!
Rainbow crystals and items are awarded when you complete quests!
Create the strongest quest deck and jump UP!

▼ Arena
Hot battles with rivals from all over the country!

Users with the same level will match
With every win you’ll get higher rankings!
With Bragging Characters
Fight your way to the top!

▼ Character
Incredible, swordsman, protean, shinobi, fox, sexy, inventor
Swimsuit, one piece, Christmas, kimono and more
Costumes suitable for seasons and events!
You’re free to train your favorite character!

[God Style One Flash Camlight Live Story]

Sealed Giant Shiro

The shadows of the Peaceful Era,
Injuries were suffering from people.

There you rise to
Samurai Samurai
The warriors inherit the powers of the million gods

To protect precious objects
Protect your loved one
To protect important beliefs

The Kamurai fight for their life ―

Multi Nurture x Command Battles
“God Style One Flash Camlight Live” (Kamtra)

【App Price】
App: Free
※Item charge system

[Recommended Devices]
・OS Version 5.0 or above
RAM 2GB or higher
※ It is possible to download on other devices than the recommended ones, but operation may not be stable depending on the usage conditions.神式一閃 カムライトライブ
神式一閃 カムライトライブ
神式一閃 カムライトライブ
神式一閃 カムライトライブ
神式一閃 カムライトライブ

MOD Features*
Mod Menu
>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier
>Dumb Enemy
>Invalid Environment Detection Bypassed


Kamurai Tribe v4.8.3 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

Kamurai Tribe v4.8.3 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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